On Land Rovers and slow driving

I left the side lights on overnight on the Land Rover – still getting used to its foibles.  There’s no aggravating buzzer sound if you leave them on and turn off the ignition, so you have to remember, although the battery stood the test, I guess it’s a heavy duty one.  The Landy has other individual features distinguishing it from the average saloon car.  Flat glass in all screens; these reflect lights very well, and often I get a reflection in the rear-view mirror of car headlights from cars approaching.  In the rear-view they look like they are overtaking me at some wierd angle.  Low power heater (VERY slow) you have to feel about under the steering wheel to find the outlet to warm your hands. No central locking or immobiliser.  Apparently 87% of all cars are pretty insecure even with these modern FAST devices.  I’ve bought a Stoplock which locks onto the steering wheel in a very visible way and is resistant to at least a 5 minute attack, and in tests they gave up after 20 mins.  Of course, it SLOWs down getting out of the vehicle at home because I have to fit the lock.  It consumes an alarming amount of fuel, so I NEVER drive at over 50 mph – even in built-up areas 😉 . It IS very good off road, however, which is why I bought it, just in time time with the recent cold snap.  The one thing I must sort out soon, is getting a length of wood to hold the rear door open, which has a nasty habit of slamming onto my shoulder because the heavy spare wheel in mounted on there, may get a roof rack and stick it up there, but those thieves are a bit of a put off, apparently they nick them off the rear mounting, so lots of people put them in the back – but I need the SPACE for all my tools, stools, bran tub, slings, logs, sticks! and treen!

I guess I can post this picture of the Landy, now all the Christmas cards have gone out on which it features.