To do list

On my days off I make a list of things to do.  Somehow they never all get done, but it is very satisfying crossing off the tasks as completed.

On Friday one big potentially horrid task was renewing the shower-tray/wall seal which had gone mouldy (again!).  I now know there is a permantent solution to this, but it involves taking out the wall boards and inserting a profile.  But back to reality … All I needed to do was take out the old seal and and squirt in a new one.  I’ve done this before many times, and I have always hated it; a) because is is extremely messy with the white stuff inevitably ending up everywhere it shouldn’t be (clothes, hands, shower tray etc) and b) because I’ve never got a satisfactory finish, so a pretty disappointing job all round.  But this time – blimey success!  If you have to do this job get a Stanley shower sealant tool.  This is a plastic tool that I looked at and though, “Oh yeah, as if that is going to work.” But I was willing to try anything after past attempts. This is it:, course I didn’t get it from that online etailer, but from my most unloved local DIY supermarket, so I had even more reason to feel depressed about the task’s prospects for success.  BUT IT WORKED!  Hallelujah! (Rufus Waiwright version).  All it does is collect all the excess gue (or goo if you will – more like gooh) and leaves behind a neat, small sealant profile.

Oh yes, a further bonus is there is a hole in the handle that allows the tool to be used as a lid for the end of the sealant cartridge thus avoiding that tiresome task of removing set sealant from the knozzle next time you come to using it.

Buy one now for Christmas for the DIYer in your life, and next time they have that vile job to do, they will thank you.