Another day in the woods

Fine and mild day today so no need to put up the tarpaulin.  First job was setting up before Andy arrived for his bird table.  Gave him a demo of treen making and then ferried him and his purchases back to the car park.  Rather missed the bird table, so decided to start another, at the end of the day had the applewood base with four beech branch roof supports on the bench (or under it for over-night). Reused a failed stool seat for the base. Running low on presents for the bran tub  and Christmas decorations so finished off a handful.  Made a dibber and a spurtle.  One teenage bran tub and lathe initiation customer, the tricky part is controlling the chisel so it only takes thin shavings.  Customer bought a deer (the best one) and I offered free delivery and threw in a dibber.  When I delivered it on the way home, his wife and daughter were delighted, sounds like it will have birdfeeders on the antlers and be christened. My boat-building friend called by and informed me he also repairs accordions (mental note made).  Developing a candle stick idea, but need to decide how to make a fireproof candle holder for the top.  Also wondering about the next animal to make – wild boar sound appropriate …

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