Lead shot and brackets

Working on a log yesterday on the shave horse, I found a series of lead shot balls, very small, about 2 mm. They were pretty deeply embedded so must have been there for some years, the wood around each ball was discoloured but not for so far as I might have expected; about 4 mm each way.  The draw knife sliced through them without any damage.  First time I’ve found this but I have heard about musket shot being found in old oaks.

Trying to find a good solution to supporting bird tables on top of a fencing post.  For the first one I used split logs:

They are screwed into a notch in the post and seem pretty secure.

The next two had more slender posts, so the notches were more intrusive into the post’s strength:

For the current one, which I’m making for stock, I’m using four roughly turned supports. I’m fitting them into the underside of the holes in the table where the upright columns fit into the base and fastening them into the post in an angled hole. Getting the angle right is rather a challenge, so with the next one I’m going to revert to the original design using split logs into a notch. Now the posts I’m using are stronger a small notch should be fine.

I bought the posts from Hartlington Fencing Supplies
. The proprietor is very oblidging and we discussed Land Rovers and how the 110’s additional length is very useful for … fencing posts; my 90 is rather short, but got 7 foot posts in anyway over the passenger seat though. He also has a good welding set up so I may have some work for him in due course.

Business is rather slow post Christmas, even though many families are visiting Strid Wood. Enough spending for one month I guess. I think I’ll concentrate on some felling. There is a lot of Ash to thin out, and though the weather is rather cold, it is also dry.