Hooks and bangs

Here are some current projects:

Left to right, Elm bread crock lid with one of the handle options, not really green at all, but I’m doing in exchange for a numner to go on my shaving horse and keep my bum dry.  Then a whip and top; trouble with these guys is finding somewhere flat that’s suitable to test them out, seem to remember the school playground was good, forest floor is a no no (leather whip though but!).  The knobbly thing is a row of hooks for a friend’s rustic French property, the board is rippled Ash, which I found exceeding difficult to get flat.  The pegs are threaded to hold ’em in.

Felling in the woods today (four Ash) in the wettish snow.  While eating my lunch in the Land Rover overlooking theRiver Wharfe, I noticed a couple o brace o Merganzers.  Well I thought it was two pairs but then turned out to be a menage a trois with a reject male, much bossing around by the dominant male.

And later a refugee from Ash shooting jumped into the Landy!  Not got the full story on this yet but someone turns up by agreement with Roy the head forester and harvests Ash keys with a gun, I think they may be from Kew.  Anyway, this lil Staffy Bull Terrior was terrified and thought my vehicle was safe refuge, jumped in twice!

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