Yesterday I went up to see Graham Wheeler to collect a natty device (as my Mum would have said) for shifting large tree butts around manually. This baby has two wheel barrow-sized wheels (with roller bearings and a grease nipple) and a simple construction that uses timber dogs to lift up to 14″ by 10′ logs, in the middle, balancing the weight and then you strap them in and either wheel to the ride-side, or hitch to your vehicle to pull along the track (NB NOT road-legal, but it does fit in the back of a Land Rover 90 and a Golf estate). The kit is galvanized and comes with a ratchet strap and two spare wheel pins. I’m looking forward to collecting together some poles I’ve deliberately left oversize where I felled them, smaller logs seem to go walk-abouts on their own (or perhaps it’s the visitors?). I’ll post some pictures when I’ve got it to Strid and loaded up. I think it should be pretty good for moving bundles of bean poles around too – they are a bit tricky to lift onto the roof rack.

Here is a picture of the vehicle in manual mode: