Wakefield hedge laying

I spent Saturday at a hedge laying competition East of Wakefield in Fitzwilliam Country Park. It was a good day out with skylarks singing all day over the haymeadows. The site was the former Hemsworth Colliery Site. It is now hay meadows and neutral grasslands with three ponds. The restored land made the posts easy to drive in through soft top soil with no stones. Unfortunately the competition clashed with a big Lancashire final at Clitheroe so the entry in the open class was rather thin, but made up for with 11 novice entrant (including me).
Here’s my completed effort (no prizes!)

I didn’t get the top rail right; it should apparently be a continuous run, not like this:

I should also have woven the pleachers in more tightly as well, now I know better for next time!

This is the hedge of the winner of the open class, he worked next to my section:

2 thoughts on “Wakefield hedge laying

  1. It looks great to me! Do you mean that the top rails should be butted against each other? Either way, I think it looks great, and after a season or two will make a strong and attractive division. Interesting Blog by the way. I’ll keep popping back.


    • Yes, the trouble with mine was I stepped the joints and they should be butted. Just a competition requirement.

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