Here are two  Ash ladders I made for a nursery school and delivered on Friday.

I like the way when a log is split the released tension means the two don’t exactly fit together again.  I put a couple of threaded rods in each one to prevent them opening apart.

I made a bigger one for a friend of Jane’s using for the stiles a small poplar tree.  The split went down the central pith but spiralled, giving a rather interesting effect:

This was before it was finished, to give an idea of the size for Sandra.

It’s been great in Strid this last week, fine, sunny and busy.  Just about finished getting the felled timber out of the woods, it’s all now at the side of the track ready for either splitting on site or collecting in a trailer and bringing back to the main wood stack.  I’ve started making chopping board blanks using the long bar on the chain saw with the chain filed to 10 degrees for ripping down the grain.  Also made a 10 minute table for my canteen, to rest my pot and sandwiches on:

It has started splitting already, of course, but it will do fine for where it is, as there is a likelihood of a passerby taking a fancy to it and borrowing it.  Although I have strategically positioned it behind a tree, and the leaves will help hide it when the buds burst (not yet, but the Sycamore buds are looking pretty fat)