Variety is the spice of work

I’ve been building another bird table.  When I came to split some small branches for the edgings that prevent the food from blowing off the table, I was struck by the symmetry of the grain when the split passes perfectly through the centre pith.
WWF’s Earth Hour

The inside will not be seen once assembled, as the bark side goes to the outside, pity really.  Perhaps I’ll do a seat with split branches one day.  NB, a new haft for the axe is drying in the fireplace to replace the dodgy one in the photo that came with the rather good Kentish pattern head.  On the subject of which, I made a new little maul today for tightening the wedges on the lathe.  The big old one is rather heavy and I seem to have a temporary problem with my right arm muscles, so a smaller one seemed a prudent precaution.  It works just as well, the haft is Ash and the head some Elm I had left over from bark stripping, I like the way the head curves down to each side.

Over the last week I’ve been building a new display stand ready for the new season (which started on Monday, visitors the Strid now have to pay to park during the week as well as at weekends.)  It mimiks my birdtables, with the Ash shingle roof.  I’ve also added a custom rack to show off the dibbers which are selling particularly well this Spring season.

Bit unsure about the position as it cuts right between my position at the lathe and customers.  Maybe gives them a little privacy so they feel easier looking at the goods?  I know I don’t like being sales pressurized, but the lack of eye contact is a bit wierd for me.

Assembled and erected a little bird box too, hope it’s not too late, the birds are all rather busy and I’m sure a Blackbird was singing all day today further down the wood.

Also I turned a monster spurtle yesterday as an eye-catcher – it’s about two foot long.  I’ve ordered the pyrography kit today that was always planned, so Jane can have a go at decorating the spurtle.

2 thoughts on “Variety is the spice of work

  1. like the finished stand. The mallet looks familiar, it’s nice to have matching mallets.

    Enjoy the warm weather.

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