Time flies

April has been very fast, mainly because the speedy change from early to mid Spring is so visibly evident in woodland. Bursting buds and shooting plants, busy, noisy birds and warming weather. Lots of little tree seedlings a couple of years old are now flushing with leaves and become visible from the leaf litter. There are Mallard ducklings on the River Wharfe about a week old now.

The log milling is going well and I’m stickering the boards I’m producing to dry and they’ll be used for chopping boards etc. I’ve got an order for some bug traps, so I now need to bite the bullet and adapt the pole lathe for bowl turning. The centres are high enough for anything up to about 12 inches, but the tool rest will need some arrangement to get close up to the work. I may need to make tools for the job, although I have a couple of scrappers, acquired in an auction lot, that I will try out first. The bug traps are just a partly hollowed out log with a loose-fitting hinged lid to take a plastic container that school children will be able to take out for studying their catch, so I’m hoping the turning cut will be fairly straight-forward – experience will tell though.