Bodgers Ball, Doncaster

Had a great time at Cusworth Hall, Doncaster this weekend. Met lots of interesting, enthusiastic people from all over the country (and Sweden) and learnt lots and lots. I picked up a contact for used conveyor belt that I’m going to attempt slitting into 3/4 inch bands for bowl turning belting using the strapping cutter I have for leatherwork. My contact is from Scarborough and is an engineer in the Post Office, he’s going to post me a sample, then I can send him some strips back – if my plan works out.

I bought quite a few secondhand tools  as well as some bargain joiner’s pencils – 3 for a pound from Maurice Pyle with whom I also discussed my order for a charcoal kiln – sounds like a double ring 6 foot diameter one is best bet as the top ring can be manhandled by one person. H also has a two day course on burning coming up, which I would like to attend.

Drank quite a bit of Wentworth Brewery’s beers too – but next time I must remember to take my own pot – possibly a shrinkpot, if I can master the technique of making the bottom fit close enough to be water (beer) tight.  Although none of my entries in the craft competition won prizes they swelled the numbers and added interest for people looking at the entries.  However, I did get second place in the half-hour challenge, in which you have to make a saleable item for making at a demonstration. I made a couple of elves

The idea came from a great Swedish site Slojden i skogen