Charcoal burn

Lighting the kiln.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The charcoal burn started at 5:50 am on Monday and I closed down the kiln to stop the burn just as the Angelus was ringing out at noon on Tuesday.  The second part of the video shows (not very well) flaring the exhaust gases which is also an indication that the burn is nearing completion.Vodpod videos no longer available.

Much smoke was produced, mainly steam (approaching half a ton of it I reckon):

The shut down was possibly a little early at 36 hours burn, but not too bad

Here is the smoke going a dirty grey as the tar starts to burn away inside the kiln, the critical point is to stop the process before the charcoal starts burning, at which point the smoke turns blue.

Here’s the kiln with the chimneys removed and all air intakes blocked off (with socks filled with wet sand).

I set up a bench by the Landy, I carved two and a half spoons and a spatula while I was attending the burn so I could swap the chimneys round every 2 hours.  I closed down the intakes to about a third on the Monday night and then opened up again of Tuesday morning.  The result is very satisfying:

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