Little shelters

Today I’ve been working at my wife’s school teaching knots and shelter building, miniature versions of mine, that I put up for the knotting sessions and in case one of the thunder storms knocking around paid us a visit.

It was fun, but pretty hard work getting all my stuff there, setting up, getting packs ready for the children:

Taking the morning session’s tents down and then clearing all away at the end of the very hot day.  Glad to have a shower when I arrrived home, earlier than usual, but started at 7:05am.  I’ll put a few more pictures up when I get them from the school’s camera. Here they are:

Here are a couple of pictures from May I found on my phone:

That is Herb Paris, one indication of ancient woodland (which Strid is).

And this is the edible Morell – unfortunately rather too fly-blown by the time I got to it.