Asylum in the woods

Today I’ve been helped out by a minibusful of friendly people who would otherwise be bored to tears in their hostel.  They were a group of asylum seekers introduced to me by Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust .

What a cheerful bunch, but with pretty sad backgrounds, made me feel quite humble I must say.  I was glad to be able to give them a day out in the woods with some purpose.  They helped prepare a charge for the kiln, cutting small stuff to length and loading and unloading the trailer.  Here are a few of them in t’Bodgery, some others were playing cricket with a small log and the ball was a small quarter-round offcut – much more fun than wii (whatever that is?).

There were a few helpers who came with them too.  Rather a hectic few hours, one guy had been in the Somalian army and insisted on running with logs on his shoulder that I could barely lift.

We went up to the forestry yard to unload and I explained how the kiln works.  One chap explained through an interpretor how they burnt charcoal back home – stacked vertically and covered in sand – just like we did here some time ago.

Anyway we ended up with a good stack ready for a charge.  I should have prepared the floor in the kiln, then we could have unloaded directly into the kiln. Drat! double-handling required now!  Mental note made for next time.  My new trailer features here too.  More pictures from someone else’s camera when they appear by the kiln with my helpers.