Saudi Activity Day

Yesterday I entertained a group of Saudi engineering students, I provided one day in a five week cultural heritage summer school. I set them various tasks including:

making a pole lathe;

a shave horse which was named after the mighty Kehilan, whose name was carved onto the seat and attractive eyes, nostrils, tail and moustache added!
There was also a Chinese box bellows, the forge didn’t get built as the close tolerance joints on the bellows box were too much of a challenge. Everyone seeemed to enjoy the day though:

And as they worked so quickly there was time for a walk down to the woods and a chance encounter with a ford – not many of them in Saudi Arabia, I fear!

By then the rain showers had ceased.
It was an interesting, if rather hectic day – much vigilance needed when two members of the group were wearing flip flops! But I do now has a rather massive first aid box that copes with up to 50 people – no means of sewing toes back on though.