A Grand Day Out!

My daughter is up from The Smoke for a week 🙂 so we planned a surprise day out that’s part of our staycation.

First off we called at Kilburn and had a look in at Thompsons, they are also known as The Mouseman after the trademark hand carved mouse on all the peices. They work only in air-dried oak and make very beautiful pieces of furniture in their own classic designs. We found a great smoking chair in oak and leather that is very comfortable, and I think I now have a use for some of the oak butt I bought green about 26 years ago.

We had a picnic in the village square:

There were some good trees to enjoy:

Then on to Egton Bridge

Yes! A proper village show, one of only two remaining gooseberry shows:

The champion:

It was Brian Nellist (again!) with a single weight winner of 35 drams – almost a meal in itself. There was a great bun fight and it came to about a fiver for three cups of tea, two strawberry meringues, an almond tart, scone with cream and rasp. jam and … two slices of gooseberry pie with sweet crust pastry! Everything home made and enjoyed amongst locals in a classroom of the village school. A real day out.
And then on the way back to t’car we found this:

It turned out, after some research to be a quoits alley
Looks to be a great way to spend and afternoon and evening.
Then we travelled on past Whitby to Robin Hood’s Bay:
We had some splendid fish and chips, and admired the higgledy piggledy lay out of the village with all its snickets and ginnels

Good job we weren’t playing the pub names game or we’d have lost all our points. There is some great craftsmanship in how the village is built, much of the original stonework shows this pattern of mason’s dressing which we found very beautiful:

We had a stroll along the beach and found some good pebbles including a belemnite

All in all A Grand Yorkshire Day out.