Today was buffet day. This is what we call what others may call ‘stools’ but that’s a bit too funda-mentalist for me though.

My Sunday apprentice Richard assembled his buffet – post and rung and very good it looked too.

Here’s a line of the current mass production.

In order, the Hawthorn, Nim reworked (see last post) on her hols (horrid father, making his daughter work on her hols).
Then today’s progress, buffet still in Spanish windlass, which I call a tourniquet which is less words but harder to spell. Wedges still sticking out, prior to sawing off and finishing, but to all intents now a buffet, Elm top and Ash legs, rungs and stretcher – my favourite woods.

The last one – a better proportioned buffet – sold,sorry- , thinner legs than it’s younger brother and shorter – small is beaut.

And … may have sold the leather clad one in Strid Exhibition Hoil! Fingers crossed. And started negotiations with Bob to sell a BIG bench to t’Estate which was formerly a trestle to support the table at the Saudi Day.

So all in all a pretty four-legger day.

Started with a good breakfast:

The centre-piece of which was an Austrian pancake, entitled nockerlen with an umlaut on t”O’. They were going to be simple breakfast pancakes, but we made them so often when our children were lil that the receipt book disintegrated and was composted. So we now have nockerlen (with an umlaut on t”O’), and the production involved one less pan:

It was good to have Nim home for a while, all this splitting up families in the Modern Whorld, not too good methinks. Anyways we enjoyed our brekkies: