Speed the plough

I found this outside the rabbit warren yesterday

The rabbits are burrowing into an old ash pit and all sorts of interesting shards are turned up.  I think this one is from a loving cup – there seem to be a few somewhat like it on eBay, but while the pattern looks about the same, the details vary. The scythe and sickle seem pretty constant, but the words change as well as the other details.  I especially like the harrow, and the fact that all the implements are hand-made, I know they were hard times back then, but sometimes I think our agriculture has missed its way somewhere.  I’m sure the cows are in worse condition now than when I used to bring the ones on the farm across the road in for milking when I was a lad.  You’re lucky I didn’t have my camera with me when a dairy herd was crossing the road in front of me this morning, at least two of them looked like the RSPCA should be informed.  Makes me feel that vegans are dead right.