Little and large

Today I’ve been assembling a dining chair.  While I was shaving down the splats for the ladders I noticed the shavings making patterns.  I modified my shaving a little and these came out:

The splats survived the dual purpose shaving too and the chair shows signs of being a success.  The little trees’ branches are quite sturdy as the wood is dry ash, must be a Christmas decoration in the making here.

There was a parcel waiting for me when I got home – seemed rather large.  I was expecting either a measuring calliper for the lathe, or a hoof knife (I’ll post on this later!)

This was inside:

I was expecting some callipers about 1/3rd that size, the photo on eBay had no scale, and I just assumed it would be about the size of the one I have been using until the thread stripped on the adjuster nut.  Well I suppose it’ll do the same job, and it’ll go with the large 4 foot (count ’em!) folding rule that came last Friday to replace the two foot which I managed to break at the hinge (leaving the rule out forgotten one night under the lathe must have made it stiff).