What I haven’t got

Stop Lock
Roof rack
Straps for rack
Takings Diary
Display folder
Little Book of Whittling
The Book of Knots
Small tarpaulin
Chainsaw sharpener
Chainsaw sharpening  hand kit
Chainsaw two stroke oil, half a liter
3 pairs used gloves
One pair new gloves
Cordless Matika drill
Duck tape
Log tongs
part ball of sisal string
50 meters nylon cord
Drill bits
2 tins paint
Gold thread
Part used glue
Part-used tung oil
Tool bag and contents:
Tool bag
Draw knife
two wood chisels 1/2 inch & 1/4 inch
Sharpening diamond blocks 4 off
Leather strop and compound
4 foot wooden rule
2 sets small calipers
Wooden clamp
Wood tap and dies set
2 screw drivers
2 cabinet scrapers
2 hoof knives
One chip knife
2 1 inch wood gouges
2 1 inch flat chisels
2 skew chisels
combination petrol and chain oil can and dispensers
2 Scotch eyes wood augers 1 inch and 1.5 inches
2 bowl turning hooks
Brace and bit and tennoner
First aid box for 50 & small one
Electronic power inverter
Phone charger
Dowel saw
Silky tree surgeon saw
conical diamond sharpener
Box of wooden stock items
4 dibbers
two rounders bats
15 elves
2 spurtles
2 mustard spoons
spinning top
2 honey drippers
Small wooden stool
Small, part finished Elm table
Half-finished chair front
Two bins of wood turnings
Bird box parts
Two planks of yew belonging student
Plank of beech wood 4 foot by 10 inches

They were all stolen last night along with my Land Rover

Ah well. Get up and start again, tomorrow’s another day.

Last week I was in The Craven Herald in my bodgery see here.

This week I’ll be in as the man who lost nearly all the tools of his trade in one go – blimey they leave you the tools of your trade when you’re bankrupt, my dad used to tell me.

4 thoughts on “What I haven’t got

  1. It is very hard when this happens, and I feel for you. When I lived in my tipi I had all my tools stolen by gypsies, chainsaw, chisels axes etc, as well as tools that my late grandfather gave me as a kid. I knew who did it, the police knew them and did nothing, and told me to do nothing, if I valued my body. No insurance. The one thing I learnt is that tools are soon replaced. I was in shock and very angry for a few days. Good luck with tool replacement.

  2. Thanks for your comments Sean. I am fortunate in having some insurance which will cover the tools, but as you know some of them are irreplaceable, like the 2 1/2lb kent pattern axe that got me going, and had a nice worn handle I made for it, bit like an old friend really. However, they are all just deadstock, there are more important things in life eh? “What does not kill us makes us stronger” as they say in Scotland I believe. Maurice Pyle has done good in already sending me my order for lathe chisels, same day!

  3. What a bloody awful thing to have happened to you. It’s hard enough with the government, the banks, and the C&E taking everything they can from you without some witless, work-shy *&*&*(&&&er taking what you need to pay the rest.

    Email me your address and I’ll post you a decent draw knife (you may need to fettle it!)and anything else I can think of which may help to get you back on track.

    Chin up…

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