Normal service will be resumed asap!

I’ve been rather tied up since last Monday’s theft.  Dealing with all the consequences which I don’t want to bore you with.  I lost my order book and I know I have a deer order to fulfil, but I now have no contact details.  I’ll be making it tomorrow.

However, just a quick note to say that I have had a lot of well wishes from people, some of whom I do not even know.

Here’s a couple to warm the heart.

On Thursday evening after the hard copy Craven Herald coverage went on the streets, I received a phone call, “Have you got your tools back?” I began to think he was about to say something like, “Well, they’re at the bottom of my garden/Give me some money and you can have them.” or something.  What was the outcome?  A gent of nearly 80 years who had been a woodturner for 25 years and a forester before that was offering me a box of tools he no longer required.  I called in to see him on Friday morning, the first day I’d been able to get back to the woods.  We had a good chat for 3/4 of an hour about making turned items, tools etc, and I left with a box of some very useful chisels, an axe, compass, sharpening gear, etc that Neil was pleased were going to a good home where they will be used and looked after.  I am very grateful.

This morning I received an email offering the  loan of a box of tools until I’m sorted out.  Again it’s someone I don’t really know.

There have been lots of others too.  Restores my faith in humanity, there are only a few bad ‘uns, and they are probably only bad due to bad circumstances.

Fortunately my business insurance includes theft of tools, so I will hopefully get some sort of reimbursement.

It’s wet today so I’m working on weavingthe seats of the dining chair set I’m on with.  The customer’s choice of clours for the Shaker tape is very good.  Picture to follow when the skies are less grey.

Many thanks to all my well wishers!