New gimlet

The new one and a half inch auger arrived yesterday from Japan via a stockist in Germany, Schmid. It is a beauty and much better than the Footprint one that went missing.

The business end has a spur that cuts a circle in the wood fibres before the chisel side comes along and cuts out the bulk of the wood. This makes for a very neat entry and exit hole. The auger screw is great, loads of room for the shavings to clear and very deep milled edges to guide the direction well. And it cost less than my old one delivered! I’m using it in conjunction with my Veritas tenoner which makes neat tenons on the ends of rough work, e.g. legs for benches, lathes etc.

I set up my work bowl lathe with an elastic bungy using these tools yesterday for a demo in York to a wood turning group. The bungy replaces the pole where there are space constraints, like in a village hall. The turn out was very good, about 60 members. I had to judge the competition entries “Something for Easter”. Very fine work compared to my greenwood stuff. It was a good evening, even if rather hot demonstrating the bowl turning in a heated hall, phew!

Next week full on felling as the estate have finally marked up a lot of trees for thinning.

4 thoughts on “New gimlet

  1. I’ve got one like that, from the same brand, it is a great tool. I’m very pleased with it, I hope you have as much joy with it as I have.

  2. Hi Richard,
    I do like the gimlet…I’ve been after one for quite a while now. Did you get it online? And if so could you post the address of the supplier (in Germany I think you mentioned).
    Excellent blog by the way, I’ve enjoyed reading it a lot.

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