Sorry, so busy no time for picture taking. I’ll try get some today as the weather is superb. My brother and I are carrying out heavy thinning work in Strid Wood. Only done two days and already lost count of the number of trees downed. The effect is really good though. There’s an old saying that you can’t see the trees for the wood, which is applied to overcrowded growth. These trees just don’t behave when left to their own devices you know. They just seed everywhere, even where they have little chance of growing to maturity. The beeches are the worst, they would take over the entire wood given the opportunity. However Strid is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and designated as “recovering”. This designation is explained as management of introduced species, like poplar, and reduction of species which are not in the SSSI designation e.g beech. The thinning reduces the call on sunlight, water and nourishment by weedy trees to favour big oaks and ash. This also opens up the ground so that the flora and shrub layers benefit and thus insects and birds and vistas appear between the big trees.

So next time you see a man with an orange hat and a chain saw have a think about what he’s doing, and it may not be a case of “Woodman spare that tree!” so much as “What a good job!”