Damson Day

Just back from a smashing day out at Damson Day in the Lyth Valley. It is small scale, just what we like and we arrived first thing before it got too busy on a lovely sunny day

We were told several times that this was the first time they had held Damson Day with NO BLOSSOM! They reckon it has been delayed at least two weeks by the hard Winter weather. But just after lunch something started to happen …

Yeah! The buds started bursting in the sunshine:

There was a lot going on, including Owen Jones bashing away at making oak swill baskets:

His baskets really are beauties:

There were several other green wood workers there and I had a good chat with Edward Acland about tenon joints in hurdles and gates. He has a natty design in stripped ash poles – goats’ teeth finish, apparently his goats love to eat the bark!

We moved on when it started to get really busy after we’d had our picnic, but not before buying a young damson sapling to partly replace the silver birch at home.

Some glorious views over Lake Windermere:

Rounding off our trip to The Lake District with a cuppa from the Kelly Kettle amongs some clear(ish) felling.

3 thoughts on “Damson Day

  1. Glad the damson blossoms finally made it out in time.
    That close up is a gorgeous picture and I’m afraid I’ve ‘borrowed’ it for my desktop!

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