Horrid smelly job

I’m milling chestnut that I bought from the estate. It’s a lousy job. Bent over a hot chainsaw mounted in it’s milling frame, wrapped in protective clothing with noise and smelly exhaust fumes. The butt is quite big for my little mill, which could use a beefier saw with a longer bar but I can just about get by, but it’s slow work. I sliced off all the bark first as the butt had been dragged by contractors along the track from where it was felled studding it with gravel, which would be bad news for the chain on the saw. Then, to make it fit the mill, I sliced off two slabs from each side with the mini mill. This reduces the roundness and gets rid of a layer of sap wood which is too prone to beetle attack to use. Then it’s just through and through with the mill, very slowly. On the first attempt at cutting the side slabs I mounted the saw wrongly in the jig and got covered in saw dust! In my ears, down my shirt – everywhere, good lesson, won’t make that particular mistake again.

Meanwhile in the afternoons I’m turning legs (just like a bodger) for some stools I’m making. Two are commissons and the rest are for the shows I’m attending this year. I’ll be making the rungs today and seeking out some seat tops.

3 thoughts on “Horrid smelly job

  1. Richard – don’t know if you know this but if you’re ripping planks try filing the cutters on the chain to perpendicular to the bar rather than at the (?) angle. You can keep this chain specially for ripping.
    Cheers, Robin

  2. have you ever tried ASPEN2, it is a specially formulated 2stroke, made by husqvarna, for when using motors in frontnof the body, such as hedge trimmers and the like….no fumes, non smelly. HOWEVER, the first time i bought a five litre bidon the cost was 24€, as opposed to 6€ for home made two stroke!
    it does work though.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion Robin. I’m using a ripping chain with two teeth at nought degrees then two mini teeth at 20 degrees either way. Good point about not using it for cross cutting, they are far more likely to kick back.

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