Bench update

I decided to finish the top of the bench with a knife finish.  I’ve fastened the legs in and filled the dead knots in a matching style.  Cutting the leg tops off and finishing the tooling this morning – after lighting the charcoal kiln.

It is surprisingly easy to finish a flat surface in this way, hand planing an area so big would have been rather time consuming, and I don’t think would have fitted the style of the bench so well, it seems to bring the grain to life with an interesting ripple effect on the growth rings:

I had a visitor, sheltering from the rain yesterday too:

I wasn’t sure what type of beetle this is, there are quite a lot of different ones in Strid, seems to be a Long Horn Beetle maybe
Bark Runner Beetle, Rhagium mordax which feeds on wood, so that would figure.

2 thoughts on “Bench update

  1. Nice work on the bench. Can you explain what you mean by “a knife finish”? Did you use a drawknife or something different?

    • Steve, sorry I was vague. The knife I use for the finish is a custom made crooked knife with a long handle. I’ll post a photo of it in the next update. I’m leveling the legs today and then the bench is done.

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