Mini hurdles

As I was propping up a recalcitrant row of wonderfully flowering chives yesterday morning, I thought quite a few people must be having this trouble at this time, and not everyone has a ready supply of birch twigs for propping plants up with. I thought there might be a need there to be exploited.

Co-incidentally, my wife has been tidying out her school cupboards and came home with an English Certificate text book dated 1965 and delightfully illustrated with engravings (do we get engravings on t’internet?). Here’s one of them that caught my eye:

Spot the shaved tenon in the fence? Good huh? I think we are starting to miss somethings, these engravings are fabulous, I’ll maybe post a few more once I’ve had a chance to browse through the book. The illustrator was Tony Dyson, who sadly seems to have disappeared before the internet found him.

Anyway, I decided to give some mini-hurdles a try and here’s how they turned out:

They are 1 foot by two foot, surely worth £15 of anyone’s money?