Dressing up

I don’t usually dress up to go to work, but I was at a medeval day at Knaresborough Castle on Sunday. This is me and Tom, a young standard bearer from the local reenactment society.

He was very keen on the pole lathe, at one point wanting to give up his standard bearing duty to finish a spurtle! He also made a sturdy spatula at the shave horse for his father who reportedly is always breaking them.

It was a glorious day and I was glad I had my full tarp on the shelter proving deep shade for the lathe. Rather strangely I’d mis-marked the poles for the shelter and built it back to front – a very novel shape, but I think only I was aware of this gaff. Still worked anyway.

I was initiated into the dark secret of the whimmy diddle by the jester as I can make ’em but have trouble getting the propeller to whirl (picture follows).  Sold a few bits including a special ‘wave-handled’ rounders bat made on the spot.

Bust the pole lathe pole coming out of the castle whilst avoiding a load of birds of prey in their cat boxes.  Never mind, plenty more where that came from.

The sign up and have a go on the pole lathe worked well, two people on the hour, gave me a bit of a rest, but then I seemed to be doing the treadling, doh!  I did manage to eat the odd apple etc however.

So today, unload the trailer at home, unload the rest at work, light the mini charcoal kiln and make a ballustrade for a forest school.  Oh yes I picked up an order for a mallet on Sunday, and a customer is coming today to collect her squirrel-proof bird table.