Confuse a visitor

Look what I let myself in for!

It’s a project for a shelter in a Forest School.  It will become a balustrade to stop children falling off the veranda. Thus so far:

Today I’ll be fitting the top rail (he said simply!). It is causing quite some consternation amongst passersby.  Someone asked whether it was the beginnings of a ladder (Heh?).  Most just stare distracted.

Anyway, for relaxation, and as I couldn’t progress any further without a tape measure which shows those incredibly small invisible measurements from The Continent, I decided to have a go at making some small carved bowls in quick time.  Cutting two at once with both hands, made rapid progress:

Already starting to colour up as the timber is alder (that accurséd tree).

Then I took out the saw and hey presto!

They took about two hours in all, which should just about squeeze down to £20 each, as my larger bowls seem to be meeting price resistance.

The mini charcoal burn was a failure.  Just closed it down too early so the kiln was full of brown ends and hardly any charcoal.  Just have to fire it up again and leave it a bit longer with a higher burn rate I think.

2 thoughts on “Confuse a visitor

  1. Yeah Robin, I was a bit torn, but I specifically wanted smaller bowls for the price point. Looks a bit like an old fashioned till when they were connected!

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