The year of the last major UK drought.  It’s happening again.  In Strid Wood the fern leaves are dying:

There seems to be a big reaction to the very hard winter: flashback:

And dry Spring.  Seeds seem to be setting very early,

and disease is rife:

Notice the epicormic shoot growth at the base of the diseased twig.

I think the regeneration is very heay this year, look for all the ash seedlings in this patch, I think there are may be 14:

And there are the shy little oak seedlings in ones too:

Holly too, which is good as this is understory, or shrubs, which are dreadfully absent in Strid:

Even the slash and burn sycamore is coming back from two years ago’s felling:

Ok so I’ve been making things too as well as loking at them. Some of these:

And three of these:

Oh well nearly Autumn!

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  1. Good photos Richard well done. Not everything is suffering down south and we’ve got it hotter and drier than you have. In some areas the bracken has recovered from a bad start but the smaller and more fragile plants seem to be doing well as the competition from grasses and ferns is reduced


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