Summer boat bowl

I’ve been making pairs of little carved alder wood bowls recently, but today I thought I’d have a change of wood species and bowl type.  I dug out some sycamore about 3 months felled.  Once I’d carved out the inside I took the bark off and found some really beautiful colouring from incipient rot:

It was a real pity I couldn’t get it into the bowl (so I’ve put it in my header):

But all that heavy outside stuff had to be axed away:

Turned out quite well I think, a bit heavy at the back end, but needs to tip up at the front to get that Viking ship effect:

Rides in the water quite well too:

It nearly escaped and went off down the Wharfe, which gave me an idea … (to be continued much later) … meanwhile …

Gratuitous Summer flowers:

Not forgetting the grasses (very tall!)

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