One for Mr D! Sorry I didn’t fix this up earlier :-(

Remember the Veritas dowel cutter.  Well I got it motorised today.

After sorting through quite a number of socket drives and hex drives I arrived at a workable solution ending in a half inch square drive that took the end of the band-sawed half inch square section dry oak.

I fastened the dowel cutter to a block of beech with two screws in the holes provided and clamped it into the vice.  The drill now turns the square stuff and applying pressure, feeds it through the cutter:

This set up works well until the drive gets close to the cutter blade.   Have to withdraw the drill/drive at that point and finish the dowel off somehow – rather tedious to withdraw as there is a lot of friction and a risk of upsetting the blade positioning.  Notice the edge of the bench supporting the outfeed from the cutter?

The solution was to drill an inch hole in the same beech block and inserting a handle (in my case borrowed from the 1 inch auger) makes finishing right through a breeze:

The output is accurately cut 7/16th oak dowel, just right for the dog gate I’m on with for a client.