Swim rabbit swim

No pictures advisory.

This morning, whilst doing my stretches on Milking Hill Bridge on the Leeds Liverpool canal, a head appeared in the water from under the bridge. Was it a mink? No! What then? No ears? … Blimey it was a rabbit. I’ve never seen a rabbit taking a morning dip before.

The canal on the built up side has steel pilings about 2 foot high, this rabbit was not going to be able to get out on that side. I dashed over and shooed it towards the field side where it would have a much better chance of getting out. It swam over a bit and then sank, came up again, swam a bit, breathed, sank, came up again, sank for a long time. Oh well, that’s life … and death.

Then the rabbit surfaced and swam towards me (eh?) I grabbed it and hauled it out of the cut. It was totally exhausted. Normally rabbits (of which there are many in the fields round here (introduced in warrens as food for the nobility, many years ago)) run away from me. This one struggled a bit to escape – right in the direction of the canal. I moved it away into the long grass and left it.

What a strange start to the day. (Wish I’d had a digital recording thingy).

2 thoughts on “Swim rabbit swim

    • It could have been anythink, what creature swims in a canal without ears? Looked rather prehistoric. However, the stupid re-heading for the canal after rescue was diagnostic.

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