A little holiday post

I’ve been having a couple of days off while my daughter was home from London.

One thing we did was a visit to Skipton Auction Mart (an old haunt where the band I play in, Dales Jam , rehearses) we went to see Flock to Skipton and Art in the Pen

There were a flock of decorated glass fibre sheep (Skipton means “Sheep Town”):

I think this was possibly my favourite:

Or possibly this one:

Or Baa Bones:

Art in the Pen was good too.  I’m thinking of exhibiting there next year.  Nearly bought a new hat, but resisted.

We had a walk round the village before Nim left for London.  I must say things are getting to look a little backendish, as we say round here:

Blackberries already (yum!)

Ash keys.

Hazel nuts. And rather a surprise for the canal bank:

These appear to be wild plums.  I’d seen a lot of blossom there in Spring.

It was a good sunny morning and some people were enjoying the scenery from their canal barge hotel (no, really an hotel!):

So warm the tups were sheltering from the sunshine (just when I was getting used to Summer being cold again!)

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