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Jane and I are off to New York at the back end of October for 10 days when things inside and outside the woods will have quietened down and felling will not yet have started.We will be spending most of the time in NY City but we will have a trip up to The Adirondacks for a couple of days. I’m having trouble finding where the old growth is in the ‘Dacks can anyone help?

Any suggestions for NY (state or city) woody “not to be missed” s would be much appreciated. Forget about Statue of Liberty and all that tourist stuff we know about that already.

This place in Brooklyn (where my son lives) looks good: Whizzo stuff on frame saws too as well as a museum.

Lots of places seem to close mid October but we will not be there until 22nd 😦  I am interested in visiting a Shaker museum, but the main one seems to be in the throws of a relocation.
Naturally we will be hoping to see some spectacular fall colours.
On another day-off note we went to Halow Carr RHS garden in Harrogate on Friday (combined with delivering yet another deer)  And I took this photo of an oak.
Not a brilliant picture, but it shows an oak tree growing with no trees surrounding.  In Strid Wood trees are crammed in with each other and do not grow that shape, but tall with all the branches in the canopy at the top.  I keep wondering which is more ‘natural’ and I incline to the woodland setting.
Amongst lots of other interesting things at Harlow Carr we visited the :
This is a library and education centre which has been built to a very high spec.  Triple glazing, facing South, ground sourced heat exchanger-based underfloor heating, low energy electrics, automatic window openers, and a copper roof.  My wife’s idea of heaven.  It opened in July and looks very smart inside; here is a classroom:
Good colour-scheme.
I’m not going to mention the outside seating, except that among the dodgy construction method was this trap for small legs under the picnic tables:

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  1. Of course we would love a visit from you when you come. But don’t miss the Metropoitan Musuem )one of the largest collections of US furniture in the US.
    The Old Merchant’s house.
    And bunches of other places. When you stop buy our place – it’s just a small showroom we can give you more suggestions.

    see you later!!!


  2. Not a shaker village, but a 19C village is available at the Genesee Country Museum in the Finger Lakes Region.

    Of course their are lots of wineries in the area too if you like wine.

    We have some openings at the B&B if you are interested ( I’d be glad to help show you around a bit.

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