Wild about Wood

Just returned from a good weekend at Kew at Castle Howard’s Wild about Wood.  Pretty busy with a joint display of turning on the pole lathe, making a stool, have a goes and three charcoal burns:

But Jane was there helping out, and so was Richard D (many thanks for sterling efforts both!)

The Friday burn turned out the usual amount of brown ends, but far too many on Saturday’s burn, emptied Sunday.  I’d closed it down too early, but the brown ends went back in and the outturn of Sunday’s burn, opened today was just two bags of charcoal and NO brown ends at all.  It was a little tricky watching the burn smoke colour and chatting to people and doing demos, sometimes all at the same time.  However, the emphasis of the weekend was education and several groups of people went away knowing much more about charcoal than they did when they came in.  A couple of people also learnt the difference between sawdust and shavings (and they were not children!)  Bit showery on Saturday, but a lovely sunny day Sunday with lots of visitors.

We camped in our classic 2nd hand de Waard dutch tent and cooked all-in-one-pot meals each night in the dutch oven.

The arboretum is really well laid out in what used to be parkland with mature oaks and chestnuts, and much more recent plantings of trees from around the world.  Lots of different oaks etc.  Here’s a sample of the trees and vistas:

The lathe was set up in a little hornbeam copse.

We also had a surprise visit from two German journeymen carpenters who were looking for work at The Arboretum.

They were wearing the traditional carpenter’s dress and were fully trained craftsmen looking for further experience by travelling. You can read more about the German journeyman system here on Robin Wood’s blog.

4 thoughts on “Wild about Wood

  1. as usual a very good posting, informative, interesting and very well illustrated.
    it almost looks as if the tent belongs to the back of the landy.
    the german journeymen system seems like something unheard of in a million years in blighty!

  2. It is good to see a classic de Waard tent, one of the few quality products comming from the Netherlands.
    Dutch ovens very good too but not actually Dutch. Food comming from them is great and they are very practial. The bread I bake is often a bit too brown, but then I make that up with a very good lamb stew. (could also be that I’m just very hungry when camping)

  3. It was great to see you at Wild About Wood as always – the event just wouldn’t be the same without you!

    Let’s do it all again next year 🙂

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