A weekend in London

London is a very complicated place.  It has very large things, like the new Shard skyscraper going up near London Bridge 71 stories finally, plus another seven of roof:

But in between these large modern buildings are some little gems:

And then there are grand old buildings like the Hop Exchange:

With a beautiful tympanum above the entrance showing the process of growing and harvesting hops:

There’s a bigger version where you can see the detail more clearly, here:

However, despite man’s best endeavours, nature always stands waiting to take back everything for its own:


Buddleia roots anywhere, and we were followed at close quarters by a thin-looking fox later that night near Deptford.

We also had a look round the newly opened medieval galleries in the Victoria & Albert Museum, it was stunning.  Especially this breton staircase:

It has some fine detail, besides an interesting structure and function:

And even it’s own Green Man

And a jolly little griffin, from what I can make out on the top gallery:

There is also a host of amazing medieval ironwork, these particularly took my fancy:

Here’s the one in the middle in close-up:

The weather was kind to us too, and we enjoyed some decent ale outside in The Albion in Hackney with our son Will on a surprise visit from New York:

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  1. I was wondering why there is a scene of a barley harvest at the right of the tympanum – apparently it was built as a hop AND MALT exchange. Let them drink beer!

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