OK I gave in.

I was axing the bases for two kitchen towel holders (they have to go somewhere don’t they?)  When I split the ash log, I just couldn’t bear to axe the thing down flat as it looked so good in its raw split state.  I’ve had this before, where the work required seems to destroy something worth keeping.  So this time I just said, “OK, this is too good for what I intended, how can I use it to its full?”


Used it as a backing board for some pegs, I rather like it.


What is all this machining things flat anyway?  I flattened the back as it will need to be mounted on a wall or door, but the riven texture is just too good to waste, all the variation in the wood comes out in its raw state, and this is quite rare these days.  Not for me, as I’m splitting wood every day, but most people never split wood or see the results.  Reminds me of drift wood.

4 thoughts on “OK I gave in.

  1. I don’t think you gave it. I think in this case you didn’t. I love the way the natural riven wood looks too. It would have been such a shame to smooth all those wonderful grain lines away.

  2. Well, I considered that, but turned pegs seem a bit odd really as the bottom of the peg isn’t used to catch the coat/hat/dog lead. I was also looking for a hand-carved look to complement the board. I agree though, much easier to drill a hole and stick a round tenon in. I think the next one will have a carved hook and round tenon (that’s after the one today that also had oblong tenons!)

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