New shaving style

OK, new shavings flying about today, now I’ve got the stock knife in action.  It is a very useful tool, and is going to be really useful getting the meat off the outside of bowls:

This tool was used by makers of wooden clog soles.  The blade itself is about 1 foot 3 inches long and the whole thing is just short of 3 foot.  Although it is a very powerful tool, it is capable of great control too.  In fact cloggers only used the knives and no further finishing implement on the soles.  I bought mine from France in a set of three; the other two are a hollower (like a massive gouge) and a gripper the latter puts the rebate round the top edge of the clog sole to take the leather upper and trim which are nailed on.  The two last knives need a lot of work on the edges to restore them to a usable condition, but I’ve already re-handled one.

Sadly there are very few clog makers left in the UK, but I was in touch with the last one I bought a pair from – Rik Rybicki who used to have his shop in Todmorden, Yorkshire (now retired). He gave me a tip about using a leather butterfly between the eye in the stock bench and the hook of the knife to smooth the action, you can see it here:

The stock knife certainly makes light work of wasting wood, even on the end grain.  I now need to finish off sharpening it (it was very pitted with corrosion when I got it) and improve my technique, like not bending my back so much!

The first bowl I’ve made using the knife is much thinner walled than my previous ones bececause it is now so easy to remove excess wood.

Thanks for the pictures Richard D.

3 thoughts on “New shaving style

  1. Where did you find this tool? I am very interested. Any information would be very helpful!

    • Hi Cole.

      I’m afraid stock knives are not easy to come by as they are antiques and only found in regions where clogs were formerly worn and made. Mine came from eBay France. There are a few on there at the moment. Search for outils de sabotier. Good hunting!

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