What we did and how it does itself.

I like this. And this:

Both built.

But inside the latter (Blooming Hill Farm, NY):

And outside:

Diversity I think is the thing.

The work to build the street in the first picture has immense merit and produces a pleasing prospect.  Lots of work involved in an age long gone, and the chaps who built it would probably say, “Good riddance, too.”

The informal of the latter in the pictures above has more appeal for me than the formal lines of the former.

Then there’s always this:

And then this:

This is a bike incorporating a wooden frame.

And also this:

Just a library in Brooklyn.

And water that dances to music:

And then split rail fencing, same place, some decades past.

But just who are we fooling?  Can we do this?

Or this?

Or this:

Or this:

I suppose that’s why I’m happy when I find we can do things like this:

But then I get concerned about why the annular rings run across the splint – doh – life quelle cauchmar.

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