Bowls on parade

Tomorrow I’m at Victoria Hall in Saltaire (World Heritage Site!)

This will be my Big Christmas Show. I have sixteen carved bowls to sell, and they are all different – funny that eh?

Here’s a sneak preview:

This is a big sycamore dough trough I made.  The inside is finished on the adze.  It was partly inspired by this video (at 3m 35s).  I made this mostly with axe, adze, stock knife and just a bit of crooked knife in the bottom as it’s tricky getting adzing to run through from one side to the other, but maybe I’ll master that in due course.

Just in case you don’t remember what a stock knife is, here it is with a bowl in spalted beech that will not be there tomorrow as it’s not dry yet.

So, just tomorrow, then Strid on Sunday, logs and making a log store next week, then, thank Goodness, a rest for a couple o’weeks.

No more deer, elves, logs, trailers for a while, mmmm.

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