Death to the tarpaulin

Broke up on Tuesday lunchtime and so I’m busy at home rather than in the woods.  I’ve been thinking about a log store for some time, including grand plans for a timber-framed building.  However, procrastination can only fight pragmatism for so long and so a smaller idea has now come to fruition:

£27 of fencing lumber and a few pieces of pinewood for the looms at the ends and a dry place for logs, even levelled floor off the ground, and they call me the bodger!  It even opens for loading up:

I can now see how many logs I have rather than guessing from the size of the lump under the tarp, which used to turn on the security light if it flapped in the wind.  My brother gave me a hand and told me I should put a mouse trap inside the store like the mean old man who resented the mice eating the bark off his logs and trapped ’em.

Well we’re past the Winter Solstice now and as my brother said, “The days are getting longer by a cock’s stride everyday now.”  But by no means out of the woods as far as the unBritish cold snap is concerned, I delivered some logs Up ‘Dales last Tuesday and here the roads are a bit tricky still in parts:

I must say that, although there are many inconveniences associated with this cold weather, it does make the countryside look very beautiful:

These are a couple of sycamores near Gargrave, the shape of the tree is so much clearer without leaves.  If you click on the image and look at the larger version (only just discovered how to do this, doh!) you can see ‘rakes’ in the field in front of the trees.  These are old arable terraces from days long gone by, these fields are just cattle pasture now, the days of growing oats and cereals went long ago with a brief revival during WW II.

Eating in a snow covered pasture can not be fun, I often wonder what sheep feel about this awful weather:


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  1. Nice idea, the wood right next to the door right where you need it. I’m going to have to make some woodstorage too next year. I think it is going to look a bit like yours.

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