Deck those halls!

At this time of year I go down onto the Leeds Liverpool canal bank to do what I call a Christmas treat for the trees growing there.  Yesterday the canal was severely frozen, and seems load bearing.  It also had a fantastical finish to the ice:

I’ve no idea how this came about but I think it’s a combination of the very low temperatures and hoar-frost, think I’ll make it a Christmas header:

I walked along the bank as the sun was falling to the horizon, the ice looked spectacular:

Anyways, what I was looking for was this:

I am well aware that ivy does not parasitize its host trees and that it provides shelter for birds and insects, but I have also seen trees fallen over from the extra loading heavy growth can add:

And I do somehow feel sorry for trees wrapped up like this:

So that’s how I justify the decking of the halls at home:

We like a bit of greenery at Christmas

A happy and peaceful time to you all and best wishes for a prosperous (but not so much that it spoils the fun) New Year.