The Veritas Christmas tree

This one’s for you Sean Hellman 🙂

Well how does one mount one’s free Christmas tree? I was considering some chainsaw plunge cuts in a log, bucket of bricks, lean it up in the corner, when as if in a dream I remembered my one and a half-inch Veritas tenon cutter. Yes, the base of the tree (a cut-off) looked just a bit more than the appropriate diameter (I was careful not to have to repeat that measurement to myself). A silver birch log of sturdy dimensions had been lying near the front door for longer than it should have been – kill two birds with one stone eh? So into the fridge garage to retrieve that excellent Canadian device for making tenons of a certain size. I also handily have a Scotch eye auger of a similar diameter. So I ho. I ho. it’s off to work I went.

Here comes the tenon:

And hey presto! One tree sitting firmly in its log:

1 thought on “The Veritas Christmas tree

  1. I have to show this to my wife, maybe this is the way to get my hands on one of those tenon cutters. I’ll first have to push my own Christmas three a bit so it is crooked enough.

    I like the shavings it leaves.

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