Salmon beats turkey into a cocked hat

We don’t always have turkey for our Christmas dinner, and this year we enjoyed salmon with ginger and currents en croute. My wife Jane put it all together and Naomi my daughter did some fancy decoration with a nautical theme (don’t miss the fishes swimming around the edges).  While we did have tins large enough to take the parcel comfortably in the oven, we didn’t have a serving dish big or flat enough.  “What about that big chopping board with the bread board ends?” I thought aloud, “Oh yes converted that into the top for the mobile gas ring quite some years ago.” (That’s another story).  Only one thing for it – out into the fridge garage and knock up a serving board from whatever was kicking around.  What I found was a nice bit of ash I’d slabbed up year before last, and which had been a potential swing seat, then possibly a stool seat, then a practice for pyrography as Jane had to decorate with a name a stool with an ash slab top.  It is currently planned to be brackets for an overmantle pole for airing clothes by the diningroom stove.  So preserving the bracket drawings on the obverse I cleaned it up and even worked a couple of finger tip rebates at the ends.  It set off the salmon nicely – what a team effort!

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