Dibbers,tables, tips and squaring

Nothing too exciting to report at the moment so this is just a little update.  I’m mainly busy renovating the workshop during this quiet season, when I would really like to be felling (but waiting on others).  I’m making a new bench.  I must do a before and after shot.  The old one is so chronically bad, I hope it holds out until the new one is ready.  I have a lot of work to do to make the new ‘un including a lot of squaring of 3″ square stock as I am going to install a tail vice.  Here is the work in progress:

Reminds me of being at school, where I took woodwork class for a year in the first year at grammar school.  First lesson was squaring a piece of wood – I think it ended up as something for wrapping string onto. The bench is to be from a beech butt I’ve had kicking about for two years.  I milled it with the chain saw and the bench top should be about 15″ wide and about 3″ thick.  This will be luxurious compared to the half log I’m working on just now.  I also produced a new milling jig for the saw so the first slab is cut true.  The old ash one had developed a nasty and inconvenient warp.

Now here’s a little tip for people who have to take tools out of the workshop:

It’s a simple leather bit holder.  The bits are of the size that gets lost very easily, especially when they live in the cordless drill box, which occasionally lands on the floor upside down (there must be a host of things buried in the foot or so of shavings in the workshop, I’ll explain why they never get swept up one day).

For my birthday my lady wife gave me an unusual present (well actually it was a joke!)

Spot the present:


Yes it’s the orange one (why do people do that?).  I copied it a few times today in spalted beech.  It will be a cheap alternative to my T-handled de luxe models.  I know, rubbish eh, but you’ve got to keep the passers-by happy and I sell loads of these.  I suspect a lot of them are bought as presents, but probably don’t end up in cupboards like ours did to be discovered five years later!

I’ve been selling a few bird tables so here is the latest replacement. Ash shigles for the roof and a rather rustic feel (not like the orange ones to be had in DIY superstores)

I used to hate making these, but now I’ve got the production down to a manageable process it’s much easier.


And just to cap off this post here’s a modification to the stove flue outlet:

No more rain down the chimney!

5 thoughts on “Dibbers,tables, tips and squaring

  1. Richard, good to know you are keeping busy. Nice spalted dibbers by the way – I find that spalted things do sell well and for a few bob more. Like you I am tidying the shed – but not yet found a way to post on sweeping the floor and sorting nuts and bolts. Though I have just obtained a nice working leg-vice and moved onto a friend the one I was trying to restore,



    • Mark, I’m sure if you really tried you could get a post out of sweeping and sorting small items. Look out for my “Why I don’t sweep my shavings” post coming soon. Your vice swap prompts me to again wonder what use can be made of old Silky saw blades. I will have two shortly.

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