If the valley’s flooded Spring can not be far away!

This was the view down the Aire Valley on my way to work this morning:

Not too bad though really as this is a flood plain that always fills up when there’s heavy rain.  We’ve had a few days of it now and could use a break.  However, Spring is not so far away now:

These are hazel catkins, and if the sun graced us with his presence there’d be pollen flying, I’ll be bound.  We call them lambs’ tails around here.

It was a bit of a poor day in the woods today; one indicator light gave out on the Land Rover, so that’s a bit of shopping needed.  Forgot my stock treen for sale, so had nothing to sell (not that anyone is buying much at this low time of the year.)  On the upside though a couple of people took my card as they were interested in green wood courses. And I made a memorial cross for a customer:

I have to carve the cat’s name on it yet “Louis”, bit of a challenge.  The timber is chestnut, by the way. Having a trying time with sharpening a V chisel properly, back to the grind stone I fear, the gouge at the bottom seems far too big, I think it’s the angle of the straight chisels that’s wrong.  May resort to chip carving it.

I’m enjoying reading Oliver Rackham’s book of the History of the Countryside (well the countryside of Norfolk, Suffolk and other places South!).  There is a lot in it about past management of woodland, and why we have so little woodland cover in England (supposed to be those bumming Neoliths with their damned stone axes, allegedly). Logs tomorrow, then felling later in the week.  Looks like the weather will be improving sometime soon.

3 thoughts on “If the valley’s flooded Spring can not be far away!

  1. a dremmel! I never thought I’d hear that on here…:-)

    It’s a good book, but I grant that after reading it that you’d be forgiven for thinking that the countryside ended at the fens.

    Can’t wait for spring proper. I fancy making some Lime leaf wine as detailed in the countryfile magazine. I’m sure it’ll be awful but worth a try as I don’t mind young leaves in a salad.

    • Well as I don’t own a dremmel, but do have perfectly good stones and a cold bath treadle stone, I don’t need one. However, that V chisel is too worn down I’ve concluded, as there is far too much metal below the apex of the V. May splash out on a new ‘un, but I will be chip carving this one I think. Not many limes around here, they seem to stop at The Fens too.

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