A fist full of mallets

Today, Simon, George, Steve, Ian and Rich D paid a visit to make some mallets and rounders bats.  It all seemed to go very well, not a single cut (but a couple of bumps on the head by those blummin’ Flying Shavings boards (to be rearranged!).  I had two workshop areas under tarps, twin lathes, twin shaving horses etc.  Nice drop of home make veg soup and bread for lunch and on tap hot drinks, although the weather was pretty mild and kind to us, with even a little sunshine here and there.  Good to have such keen students and thanks again for the help Rich!


OK so what do week old lambs like to lie in?



Well apparently ashes from a two week old fire (really number 14 must you?), or

Fine young nettles – you know the ones that really sting.  So Spring has sprung here, all systems go.