Shifting knots

I’m still hauling the felled second quality wood out to my trailer and up to the yard for drying out for logs and charcoal.  It’s all ride-side, but quite a distance from the vehicular track.  I’m using the lift and shift, but this smaller stuff needs to be bundled to make the trips to the trailer efficient,  I’ve experimented with various ways of making the bundles, which at first were rather unstable causing much cursing as the logs dropped out before reaching the destination.  So here’s my solution.

All I need is:

A looped rope, a length of rope, a stick, Lift n’Shift with carabiner and some logs.

I found this knot in Ray Mears Survival book (very interesting book but I doubt I’ll ever need to know about ice fishing for instance).

Start by laying out the rope thusly:

One loop and one rope end at each side.  Then lay on the logs for transporting

Pass the rope ends through the loop from the opposite side and pull tight.  You now have three bindings round the logs.  Tie the ends of the rope, I use a shoelace bow:

Then I fasten the 3 bindings to the Lift n’Shift with a carabiner and use the loop and stick to fasten the heavy end on.

All that remains is to walk the load down to the trailer, rather a steep hill.  Someone asked if I had brakes! Dropping the handle would be quite effective.

By the way, if anyone is wondering, the broad leaves are wild garlic or Ramsons.

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