Levens revisited

In my original post I mentioned the hazel plant supports they were putting in the herbaceous borders.  It seemed like a really good idea and my wife Jane has just installed some in our garden.  Here’s how:

Get your husband to source some hazel branchlets:

It takes about five to surround a decent sized plant (these are mainly herbaceous geraniums).  Make sure the cut ends are pointed and push them into the ground and start to form a platform above the plants by bending the rods over.

Then tie the twigs to each other with twine to hold the structure together.

Ta dah!

It’s easy to write it up, but rather more effort is involved actually doing it, but worth it for the results I think.  Jane was having difficulty pushing the sticks in because the ground is so hard – very unusual for here at this (any) time of year.

In Summer the plants will grow through the hazel which will then become an invisible support.